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BORN ON THE WATER in 1983 when a group of Florida fisherman realised there wasn't a pair of polarized sunglasses that could go toe-to-toe with their outdoor adventures. Today's COSTA Sunglasses are inspired by those who demand the clearest sunglasses on the planet. COSTA Rx take it one step further with custom designed and digitally manufactured lenses in your prescription*. COSTA makes frames and polarized lenses that are tough enough to go to the literal ends of the earth and back. As long as adventurers are out there, COSTA will be making their sunglasses.

*Some technical restrictions apply.  Visit Westwood Optical to see if your prescription is suitable

COSTA Rx Sunglasses are custom designed and digitally manufactured in COSTA's state-of-the-art processing lab.  They are available in most prescriptions*

*Some technical restrictions apply.  Visit Westwood Optical to see if your prescription is suitable


The 580 Difference

Keeps Bad Light Out

The 580 difference goes beyond polarization to provide the ultimate in light management and protection.  The lens's multi-patented technology filters out the harsh yellow light and harmful shortwave high-energy blue light that is toughest on eyes.  COSTA's 580 technologies offer the utmost protection for your eyes while enhancing clarity and contrast so you can pursue your passion every day, without issue.

Lets More Good Light In

COSTA's 580 lenses feature best-in-class colour enhancing technology (US Patent Numbers 7,506,977, 6,334,680 and 6,604,824) for brighter colours and reduced eye fatigue so you can spend more time outdoors

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