The Basic Theory of Glare-Free Coatings Is Not So Basic...

The details of glare-free lenses are incredible.  Multiple layers of a very specific medium are placed on a lens after the lens is custom ground and polished to clarity.  The thickness of each coating must be exceptionally precise, layer after layer.  How it works is that some of the light that is reflected away from the lens is made to be about half a wave length different compared to other adjacent light reflections.  This creates the phenomena of destructive interference and the reflected glare is cancelled out and essentially disappears to an onlooker. In addition much of the internal reflections that are trapped within the lens also disappear.  And that is not all...high quality glare-free coatings also have a hardcoat layer to prevent scratching as well as additional layers that repel water and oily smudges.  The practical result is that lenses with a quality glare free coating are more pleasing in appearance and the user experiences sharper and more comfortable vision, especially in an office environment. And the lenses are durable and easy to clean.  At Westwood Optical, we find that once our customers experience a good quality glare-free coating, they will almost always purchase a quality coating going forward.  We are proud to feature the full family of Nikon's outstanding glare-free coatings...HCCICESeeCoat Plus and SeeCoat Blue.

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