Vision Problems

Vision Problems Treated by Your Winnipeg Eye Doctor

At Westwood Optical Family Eye Care, our optometrist in Winnipeg has been proudly serving the surrounding areas since 1984. Our office has grown from a small, one-optometrist team to one of the area's largest full-service family eye care clinics. As part of our wide range of services, we offer treatment and management of a number of common eye conditions in our office.

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One of the most common eye disorders, astigmatism refers to an eye condition where the cornea develops an abnormal curve to it. As a result, people with astigmatism experience blurry vision in one or both eyes. In our office, we are able to diagnose astigmatism through a comprehensive eye and vision exam. Some of the more common treatment options for this condition include prescription glasses, contact lenses, or even laser eye surgery (depending on the severity).

Eye Floaters, Flashes, and Spots

Most people have experienced an eye floater at some point in their lives. Specifically, this occurs when clumps or chunks of undissolved vitreous gel float around towards the back of the eye. This loose debris, in turn, casts shadows on the retina when light is filtered in through the eye. Floaters and spots in the eye can be very frustrating to deal with, though they do tend to go away on their own in due time.

In the event that you experience excessive floaters that are affecting your vision for a prolonged amount of time, an eye surgery known as a vitrectomy may be recommended as a means of removing the fluid.

Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common vision problem that affects more than three million people in the United States each year. This condition makes it difficult to focus on far-away objects, but can be treated by corrective lenses such as glasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery.

Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

The opposite of myopia, hyperopia refers to an eye condition where patients have trouble focusing on objects close to them. This condition isn't as common as nearsightedness, but can be treated in the same way with corrective lenses or surgery,


Similar to hyperopia, presbyopia refers to age-related farsightedness, and is most common in people between the ages of 40 to 65. While not curable, corrective lenses can help to correct this condition.


The result of weak or thinning corneal tissue, keratoconus causes major refractive errors in a patient's vision as the cornea bulges into a cone shape. We can diagnose and treat this condition in our office through the use of glasses or specialized contact lenses.

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