Cataract Advice from our Optometrist in Winnipeg, MB

Although cataracts are common, many people are surprised by this diagnosis because changes in their vision have been occurring so gradually.  Worldwide, cataracts rank first among the causes of blindness, according to our optometrist in Winnipeg.  Any changes in vision are a reason to visit us at Westwood Optical Family Eye Care for an exam.

A close up view of cataracts in Winnipeg

Overview of Cataracts from Our Eye Doctor in Winnipeg

A cataract represents a clouding of the lens of an eye.  A reduced focus of light in the retina causes vision changes.  Our eye doctor in Winnipeg notes that cataracts usually do not cause redness, tears, or pain.  Common signs of their development include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Sensation of a film over the eye
  • Dimmed appearance of colors
  • Cloudy or generally dim vision
  • Reduced night vision
  • Appearance of halos surrounding lights
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Development of a yellowish or milky spot in the pupil of an eye

Although most of them are age-related and develop in patients 50 or older, cataracts can occur in young adults as well as children.  They sometimes form after an injury or gradual protein deterioration that results in cloudy fluid in the eye.  Disease, heredity, and smoking could also cause them to develop in younger patients, our Winnipeg optometrist points out. 

Many patients wonder if it is possible to prevent cataract development.  Our Winnipeg eye doctor reports that no one has found a way to do so.  It is possible to slow the progression of a cataract, however, by not smoking, eating a diet that includes many healthy foods, wearing eyewear that helps protect against injury, and avoiding exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Cataract Services from Our Winnipeg Optometrist

Fortunately, even though cataracts are so common, it is easy to treat them.  During a vision exam, our Winnipeg optometrist will look for any signs of their development. 

The ultimate treatment of a cataract is surgical removal, which greatly improves vision.  Our eye doctor in Winnipeg explains that this is normally a simple procedure at an outpatient surgical centre and only takes around 15 minutes.  After removing the cloudy lens, the surgeon replaces it with an intraocular lens.  A majority of patients achieve fully recovery within about eight weeks after the procedure.

Our optometrist in Winnipeg can offer a number of options until a cataract advances to the point where surgery is necessary.  The appropriate treatment plan depends on the severity of a patient’s symptoms.  Our doctors of optometry prescribe corrective lenses for progressive changes in vision.  They can also offer tips on visual aids to make daily life easier.

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Our practice is one of the largest full-service vision providers in Manitoba.  Our six doctors of optometry offer comprehensive vision assessments that include screening for cataracts and other eye disorders.  Call us today at (204) 837-2020 to schedule an appointment with a Winnipeg eye doctor at Westwood Optical Family Eye Care, a family-friendly, one-stop vision centre.


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