Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome Services from Your Optometrist in Winnipeg, MB

For patients with dry eye syndrome, everyday activities often become increasingly harder to accomplish.  This condition sometimes brings more than discomfort.  It can also interfere with vision. Our optometrist in Winnipeg has multiple options for patients who visit our Westwood Optical Family Eye Care centre in search of relief.

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

This condition develops when your eyes produce tear film that is either insufficient or unbalanced, our Winnipeg optometrist explains.  The risk for developing dry eyes gets progressively higher with age.  Certain disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and side effects from medications are also significant risk factors.  Two common causes are clogged and inflamed oil glands that line the edge of eyelids and failure of tear glands to produce enough tears for lubrication.

Our eye doctor in Winnipeg notes that many of our patients with dry eyes complain about discomfort that feels like grit in their eyes.  Some experience an itching sensation.  If not treated promptly, dry eye syndrome can rob you of your quality of life and can cause blurred vision and danger to your corneas.

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment from Our Winnipeg Optometrist

The first step in resolving dry eyes is determining the cause.  Our Winnipeg optometrist makes a diagnosis after evaluating the results of comprehensive eye and vision exams.  This appointment also includes discussing a health history and asking a number of lifestyle questions.  Several tests are available to assess tear production in patients with symptoms of dry eye syndrome. 

Once our Winnipeg eye doctor has diagnosed dry eye syndrome, each patient receives a customized treatment plan that is often a combination of professional services and home therapy to manage the disorder.  Some of the most common options include:

  • Home care involves a daily routine of applying warm compresses to the eyes, particularly if our optometrist in Winnipeg has also diagnosed blepharitis, the presence of clogged, inflamed oil glands at the edge of an eyelid.  Many patients also get relief from over-the-counter artificial tear eye drops purchased from their pharmacy, taking omega-3 fatty acids orally, or making lifestyle changes.
  • Prescription medications typically include steroid eye drops for temporary relief or drugs such as Restatis with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Moisture goggles block moisture evaporation while you sleep.
  • Punctal plugs inserted in an eyelid drainage port slow siphoning of tears from the eye’s surface.
  • Eye inserts melt within the eye to provide lubrication.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Eye Doctor in Winnipeg

Why continue to suffer from dry eye syndrome when help is available?  For an eye health evaluation from an eye doctor in Winnipeg, call our Westwood Optical Family Eye Care office at (204) 837-2020 today.  Any Winnipeg eye doctor among our six doctors of optometry will be happy to perform an examination and discuss how we can fill your vision needs.  We are proud to be a one-stop vision centre as well as one of Manitoba’s largest full-service family vision care providers.


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