Eye Conditions Treated

Eye Conditions Treated by Your Optometrist in Winnipeg

Man experiencing cataracts in his left eye

Westwood Optical Family Eye Care is proud to provide care for a variety of eye conditions that threaten your comfort, health and vision. Your optometrist in Winnipeg can treat:

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia is a condition in which the brain discounts or minimizes the input from one eye in favor of the other. Ambylopia can seriously impair depth perception. Vision therapy and other treatments can help restore binocular vision.


Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid which may be related to dry eye syndrome, meibomian gland dysfunction, fungal infections or mite infestations. Your eye doctor in Winnipeg can determine the cause of your blepharitis and prescribe the appropriate remedies.


Cataracts form when the proteins in the intraocular lens form cloudy-looking clumps, causing blurred vision, color distortion, glare sensitivity, halo patterns around lights, poor night vision and possible blindness. Your eye doctor in Winnipeg can correct your vision until it becomes necessary to co-manage your cataract removal surgery.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a consequence of staring into the glare of an LED computer monitor or handheld device screen for long periods of time. It can produce irritated, dry, tired eyes as well as headaches, neck pain and vision problems. Computer glasses, anti-glare lenses and changes in work habits can often alleviate or prevent it.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes produce insufficient or unbalanced tear film. It causes redness, gritty sensations in the eye, itching and blurred vision -- and it can pose dangers to the corneas if untreated. Your Winnipeg optometrist may recommend eye drops, changes in medications, treatment for blocked meibomian glands and lifestyle changes to help you control this problem.


Strabismus involves a misalignment of one or both eyes. The affected eyes may point inward or outward, or they may be out of vertical alignment with each other. Strabismus can cause double vision, encouraging the brain to reject one visual field (amblyopia) in compensation. Vision therapy, prismatic lenses and eye exercises can help normalize many cases of strabismus.

Eye Infections

Eye infections can be viral, bacterial or fungal in nature. Conjunctivitis, an infection of the membrane lining the eyelid and sclera, is a common problem in children, contact lens wearers and others whose eyes are exposed to contagions. Your Winnipeg optometrist can administer antibiotics, anti-viral drugs or home remedies to suit your particular form of eye infection.


Keratoconus is the result of unusually weak or thin corneal tissue. The affected cornea takes on a cone-shaped bulge instead of maintaining a normal spherical shape, producing potentially severe refractive errors. Glasses and specialized contact lenses can correct vision in keratoconus patients.

Your Winnipeg Eye Doctor Is Ready to Help

Any Winnipeg eye doctor on our team will be happy to help you overcome these and other eye conditions. Call (204) 837-2020 to schedule an appointment!


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