Single Vision

Nikon Lite AS  and  Nikon Lite DAS  Single Vision Lenses

Nikon Aspheric Lenses: Better Vision. Better Looking.  Conventional lenses have a front surface that is spherical, meaning it has the same curve across its entire surface.  Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center to the outer edges.  Nikon Aspheric lenses ensure sharper, clearer and more natural vision.  What's more - the aspherical design makes the lens lighter, thinner and better looking.  The difference with Nikon Double Aspheric Lenses is especially dramatic, as the lens is optimized on both the front and back surface for exceptional visual sharpness and clarity across the entire lens.

Double Sided Custom Made Single Vision Lens

Nikon SEEMAX Single Vision is a revolutionary lens that is custom designed and manufactured by Nikon on a case by case basis for each individual customer.  Nikon's computer will take into account details such as your prescription, the measurements of where your eyes are relative to your particular frame and the details of our frame shape and then custom design both the front and back surfaces of your lenses.  Nikon will optimize the optics on 8 axes on the back surface to create the best possible image quality to your eye.  What does this mean?  With more optimization axes, SEEMAX single vision provides near zero distortion, no matter where you look, and even on the periphery.  Simply put, it means the best vision possible in single vision lenses.  


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