COVID-19 Pre-Entry Screening Questionnaire

Required for Eye Exam or Optical Store Services

Please Complete Our Pre-Office Entry Questionnaire: (Mandatory)

Pre-entry Form

Q & A    Covid-19 Pre-Entry Screening Questionnaire:

Why is this screening necessary? 

Screening for symptoms and contact risks of Covid-19 is a required component of the Manitoba Restoring Safe Services (Phase One, Two and Three) Guidelines.  This is an important step that helps reduce the potential of an active COVID-19 case from entering our office.  Keeping our patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is a priority. 

Why  COMPLETE and PRINT this form ahead of time and BRING to the appointment if it could be done verbally when entering the building?

Providing comprehensive eye care in the current COVID environment is very challenging.  Completing this form ahead of time and reporting any changes at the time of the appointment will greatly speed the required COVID-19 screening process and also limit close proximity with staff.  

Does everyone need to complete the COVID-19 Pre-Entry Screening Questionnaire?

Yes, everyone who enters the building.  It is mandatory.  The screening questionnaire process is necessary for all EYE EXAMINATIONS or OPTICAL DISPENSARY SERVICES.  An individual form is required for BOTH the PATIENT and ANYONE ELSE who must attend with the patient (parent, spouse, support worker, etc)

Do I need an appointment and a screening declaration to browse the optical store at Westwood Optical or get a frame adjustment on my Westwood Optical purchased eyewear?

Yes! An appointment is required for all our in-office services...please call ahead.  Even a simple eyewear frame adjustment needs an appointment and a screening process (verbal or printed) every time a patient enters the building.

Is is better for patients to come alone to their appointments?

Please arrive unaccompanied unless it is unreasonable to do so.  This is to help lower the number of people in the office and help maintain social distancing requirements.  In addition guidelines suggest that patients should keep unnecessary items in their car. 


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