Lenses for Electricians and Mechanics

Overhead work can be a pain in the neck!

Why suffer needlessly?  During the course of your eye examination we learn the details of how your eyes are functioning.  We can then recommend and supply you with lenses that will keep you seeing as well and as comfortable as possible for your particular occupation.  We have a range of eyewear lens designs for you to choose from...Single VisionBifocalProgressive and the clever Double D Trifocal

Double D Trifocals are designed specifically for Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics and any other trademen over the age of 40 engaged in constant overhead work.  These lenses allow you to see clearly overhead at arms length distances and yet also allow clear distance or reading vision... at a glance. Compared to standard bifocals or progressives, your neck can be in less bent position which means less neck strain.

  • The unique upper near segment allows you to see overhead work clearly with a choice of near or intermediate viewing distances
  • The lower near segment allows for normal reading and close work when looking down
  • The middle "Distance" zone is ground with your distance prescription 
  • Available in plastic material
  • Available in two widths - 28mm (regular) and 35mm (extra wide)
  • Available as quadrafocal with intermediate zone capacity (trifocal lower segment & upper segment)
  • Numerous coating options available - both Scratch Resistant and Glare Free


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